Did You Know: Most men make the serious mistake of following normal Diets &
Meal Plans, but what they don't realize is that typical diets are designed mainly for
women. Following these regular diets is a catastrophic mistake for any man that
values the muscle on his body... Why? Because men's bodies have very different
requirements from that of females, namely
Testosterone and Lean Muscle Mass

When female targeted Diets are made they are designed around only one focal point,
to lose as much weight as possible, from everywhere possible. Their Meal Plans
restrict the categories of food and limit the quantities that can be eaten, thereby
causing muscle catabolism (breakdown of muscle tissue and loss of muscle mass).
Woman measure their weight loss with only one unsophisticated instrument, the Scales!
They jump on and wait in anticipation to see if they are lighter than they were yesterday.
When they see they are lighter they become happy. Why? Because they do not realize
how much of that weight lost was actually valuable muscle tissue, nor do they care
because its not their focus in life to be masculine, justifiably noted.

FACT: From every kilogram of weight lost during dieting, typically 150-180 grams of
that weight lost comes from pure muscle mass. When the male body is deprived
of the sophisticated combination of Protein and complex carbohydrates, your muscle
literally eats itself to survive. This common process is called '
Muscle Catabolism'.

It is for this exact reason that the MEN'S DIET STRATEGY has been carefully created
to guide the male body around these tragic pit-falls.
Designed originally for private usage by a reputable team of male Dietitians and Fitness
The Men's Diet Strategy focuses on Maximum Fat Loss while retaining
every last gram of your precious muscle mass that defines you as a man.

Whether you are a weight lifting sports fanatic or just an everyday guy who wants to
trim down,
losing pure muscle is just NOT acceptable, especially when the first
place it vanishes from is
from your arms, chest and shoulders.

If you want to lose fat from around your stomach while keeping and increasing every
ounce of muscle on your body, then this 7 Day Diet Strategy is definitely for you.

Try this Men's Diet Strategy for only 7 days, and if it does not strip away your fat within the
first 7 days
DietPlanChoices.com will happily pay you 120% of your money back!

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And Eat MORE Of The Fun Foods, NOT LESS!
We will show you how to include tasty foods into your diet in accordance with our simple, healthy guidelines

Men's fitness article
Men's fitness article

The Same Powerful Principles within the Men's Diet Strategy Are
Featured In Two Editions Of The 'MENS FITNESS' Magazine

Disclaimer: This is the 'MEN ONLY' version of the popular '7 Day Diet Strategy'. This diet strictly must Not be used by woman due to the fact that it has been specifically configured for Males Only by enhancing the Protein intake & testosterone boosting food groups. Results typical to following this diet include increased muscle mass, increased testosterone levels and a significant reduction in body-fat content.

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11KG in Less Than 4 Weeks!

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9KG in 19 days

six pack abs
six pack abs

Every male between the ages of
16 - 45yrs has their own naturally
visible six pack abs

If you want to finally reveal your
own six pack abs the only thing
needed is to lose that excess weight
from around your stomach?
This is exactly what
this 'Men's Diet Strategy' does
for those who follow it!

Once that weight is gone, your abs
will naturally show thru your skin.

120% money back guarantee

Unlike most other diets, 'The Men's Diet Strategy'
carefully burns fat from around your body
WITHOUT sacrificing precious muscle mass.

NO Pills, NO Powders and NO Health Shakes Required

NEVER Feel hungry! Feast On Generous Meal Sizes & Snacks

NO strenuous exercise such as running or sit-ups required

Very Fast Results - Notice Changes in Your Body In The 1st Week

Stimulates a Natural Boost in Testosterone Hormonal Levels

Basic Step-by-step Instructions To Follow - Quick Meal Preps

Activities to Increase Muscle Density & Tighten Loose Skin

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