How many times have you seen someone lose
weight fast and Wished you could do the same?

Don't you wish you could just sit them down and
Force them to tell you Exactly how they did it??

That's Exactly How The Rapid Weight Loss Plan Was Created!

A Dedicated Team of Ph.D Dietitians invested many years of researching and testing the most
reputable, existing proven weight loss methods and combined them all into one power-packed Meal
& Lifestyle Plan that safely decreases body fat each week until your slim, toned figure is revealed.

Years worth of proven, healthy weight loss notes have now been heavily summarized and compacted
into an explosive 5 Day Action Plan. If you follow it precisely, step-by-step then it is

Guaranteed to strip off maximum fat from your body within minimum time.

The Rapid Weight Loss Program is very user-friendly because it does not involve the typical fears
related to dieting such as boring meals, an empty stomach or the obligation of having to do
strenuous exercise. On the contrary, this exciting weight loss program allows you to lose weight
without missing meals and without having to do uncomfortable exercises. Now, after years of
research you are finally able to gain access to this short-cut action-plan and

Experience The Powerful Results For Yourself...

So How Does It Work ?

We show you the easiest, most enjoyable ways to lower your caloric intake and increase physical activity.
Simply follow along the step-by-step plan for 5 days as it directs you to consume healthy meal combinations
at specific times of the day and night. The strategic combination of ingredients, volumes, timing & physical
activities will result in your metabolism speeding up, which burns calories at a faster rate than normal.

Your body burns calories every day for every movement you make, so by speeding up your metabolism
with the correct diet and physical activities your body utilizes calories faster. This not only causes your
body to access more energy during the day, but the eating program also keeps
your stomach content because the meals are all fun and frequent.

Since it's first release, The Rapid Weight Loss Program has gained
approval from so many clients that some have called it:
"One of the best lifestyle diets available online"

Don't be concerned with which foods are involved, you have the freedom of swapping some ingredients to suit your
style and taste. Depending on your eating preferences, you may prefer the
Vegetarian Version or the Vegan Version

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"When I became a mum my stomach stretched
out & I gained a lot of loose flabby skin that I've
never had before. I thought the damage was
irreversible and it made me very depressed.

I only intended on following this program for a
week to look a little better but after seeing the
significant changes I couldn't help but continue
it for another couple weeks. The diet was not
too restrictive, it was fairy basic to follow so it
wasn't a problem for me to extend it a little.

I tried a lot of other diets before and can say
that this is definitely one of the quickest to
take effect on my body. The activity plan also
tightened up my loose skin from pregnancy.

Its a shame in this world most people are so
shallow that they don't notice you unless your
attractive. At least now I'm in shape I'm not
embarrassed to fit into nice clothes & go out."

- Linda Davies, Preston, United Kingdom
9.2kg in 21 days

Please note: These testimonials display best case scenario results and should only be interpreted as an indication of what has been
achieved when following this diet. Each person will experience a different level of success when following any effective weight loss
program diet due to their own personal circumstances, such as unique genetics, metabolism speed, lifestyle & level of dedication etc.

"Other diets took me months to lose weight but
after I would always pile it back on. This one
stripped my fat off in just over 2 weeks and
after a month I've still got my new figure.

This diet was a tiny sacrifice compared to the
years I lost as an overweight, emotional person.
The thing I liked most is that it's short & sweet.
Directions were clear cut & I didn't have to read
books, especially since I only wanted the
short cut. I also liked the after-sales support, I
felt like they took a personal interest in my
progress and they treated me with care.

It's funny but my sales average at work
increased by more than twenty percent, I don't
know if from being happier with myself now or
if it's because people pay more attention to me
now, but anyway I'm not complaining. I'm just
thankful I put an end to my health condition."

Anonymous, I.D. withheld by user request
7.8kg in 18 days

Is it hard for you to see yourself achieving the same success?

Did your last diet fail to deliver results as promised?

If you feel like giving up on dieting then you're definitely Not alone. Unfortunately there are
hundreds of so-called diet companies who have targeted the weight loss industry as a
business rather than to actually help people lose weight.
They tell you whatever you need to hear so you hand them money, but Once you pay them
they usually just ignore you since they treat your order as 'Transaction Complete!

Bogus diet companies are a big problem for
the true weight loss organizations because it
makes it difficult for you to know when you
have finally found us.......

lose fat or 120% money back

So how do you know we are a
True Weight Loss Organization?

Since we first established DietPlanChoices we
have continually proved to our clientèle that

Your money is Not our primary concern.

Our Firm Policy Is: "If You Don't Lose The Fat,
You Score More Than Your Money Back!

So You Only Pay Us For Your Results!

Think about it, if the Rapid Weight Loss
program was not as effective as what it says,

General conditions apply

woman's health

Sections Of The Powerful 'Rapid Weight Loss' Principles Were Featured
In Six Editions Of Leading Woman's Health Magazines

woman's health
satisfaction guaranteed
men's version
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We will show you how to include tasty foods into your diet in moderation & in accordance with some simple, healthy guidelines.

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Weight Loss Research Has Reached New Heights !

"If everyone knew how enjoyable dieting could truly be, I doubt very much
that there would ever be overweight people walking around"
Dianna Clark - Palm Bay, Florida, USA
4.25kg in 7 days

Are you frustrated because
Your Fat Keeps Coming Back?


The main reason why your fat came back after finishing
your previous diet is because you stopped the program
and went back to your old ways, so your body followed.
Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes,
but you most likely stopped your previous diet because it
was too hard to maintain, correct? It either left you craving
your favorite foods or you just could not keep up with the
high maintenance routines that it was trying to impose on
your lifestyle.
It's Not your fault that your weight came
back, the problem lays with the person who designed that old
diet plan, they didn't allow you any freedom to be yourself.

The good news is that the Rapid Weight Loss was designed
to eliminate this problem. After you complete the 5 day meal
plan it shows you how to use the same lifestyle guidelines to
Design Your Own Diet so it can include the foods you
enjoy (in moderation of course).

We reveal the food group portions, timing and golden weight loss rules so you will have the ability to
design your meals and physical activities to suit YOU. By using the Rapid Weight Loss guidelines to
decide what You want to eat each week, you will finally be able to stick to your new healthy lifestyle
which means you can keep your new slim body without being haunted by the fat coming back.

Are you afraid to diet because
You hate being hungry all the time?


The biggest dieting Myth is that people need to cut down
on meals to lose weight. Did you know that the truth is
actually the complete opposite? If you are truly following a
diet designed by professionals you will certainly NOT be
told to cut down on the amount of meals you eat each day.

The truth of the matter is, skipping meals does Not cause
you to lose fat, rather by missing important meals your
body slips into crisis mode and
clings onto stored fat.

Low calorie diets may reduce bodyweight but Not due to fat
loss, rather its from loss of pure muscle tissue. The human
needs at least 1500 daily calories to function
properly. When food intake falls below 1500 calories it
turns to the most pure source in your body for energy
which is your precious muscle, Not fat!
(Muscle Catabolism)

Once this reaction occurs- your body begins to suffer many
side-effects including loose flabby skin,
decreased brain function, bad breath, nausea, mood
swings, lethargy & sickness from a low immune system.

So, How To Lose Fat Without Cutting Back On Meals?

There are much smarter ways to lose weight rather than going hungry or just eating tasteless,
low fat meals. After years of careful precision structuring, The Rapid Weight Loss Diet has
configured intelligent meal plans, which enable you to lose pure fat while eating as many as
5 fun meals per day, while still giving you the freedom to enjoy certain snacks & desserts.

But How Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Eating MORE Food ??

By correctly structuring the balance between meal quantities, combinations and timing,
The Rapid Weight Loss Diet
utilizes the power of your body's metabolism by increasing
the speed that it burns fat. This strategic method of dieting has many great benefits:

NO MORE HUNGER - You will enjoy up to 5 delicious meals & snacks every day

You will Not suffer from the negative side-effects known to low-calorie diets

Your eating program is easy to maintain because it is Not over-restrictive

If you maintain the healthy guidelines of the diet the fat will Not come back

The weight you lose will be pure fat, without harming precious muscle tissue

You will experience a massive increase in energy due to your fast metabolism

Your metabolism will also digest food quicker and burn calories much faster

Your skin will become tighter around your body as your fat levels diminish
due to the light activity plan contained within the rapid weight loss program.

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TOP 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions
About The Emergency Diet Plan:

What exactly will I receive when I purchase this program?

You will receive several valuable items when you purchase this diet plan.
Firstly you receive the proven Rapid Weight Loss program as a downloadable
ebook so you are able to start quickly, without having to wait for the post.

Secondly, upon purchasing this program your order automatically gets
upgraded to the V.I.P Client Package
, which includes an ongoing service
from our qualified team of Dietitians. They are
online 24/7 ready to provide
you with follow-up assistance
and weight loss support, including continual
personalized guidance during your dieting phase. If you experience any
questions or concerns during your diet you will not be alone, they are right there
waiting to help you.

If you have had a professional weight loss consultation with a Dietitian before
you would have experienced that the price for this service ranges from $35 -
$75 per hour, but for a very limited time only we are now including this into
your purchase for no extra cost.

There is also one extra Bonus feature that we may include into your purchase
if you click to buy from the correct icon. Down the very bottom of this page
you will see a blue link that says "Buy It Now". If you purchase the weight loss
program from that icon you will automatically gain
12 months of advanced
weight loss updates and insight for free
... This is usually sold for $119.

Is this program the same as those low-carb or low-fat diets?

No, definitely not, actually this program is the exact opposite. Research shows
that diets which heavily restrict carbohydrates are a negative and destructive
way to diet so for this reason we do not promote those types of yo-yo diets.

On the contrary, the Rapid Weight Loss program takes you by the hand and
shows you how to lose weight by eating a generous amount of healthy complex
carbohydrates and proteins which together form a well rounded, nutritious diet.

Each day contains up to 5 delicious meals & snacks, plus some desserts,
plus drinks. All meals and ingredients have been strategically placed together to
create a potent combination that causes your body to react in a way which
naturally stimulates healthy weight loss, without placing your body at risk.

What if I don't like one of the foods in the meal plan?

We are more than happy to help you overcome any food obstacles you might
have during your diet phase. If the situation ever arises that you see a food
which you don't agree with within the meal plan, simply email our Dietitians
here to let them know which ingredient you don't like so they can research
the ingredient and
quickly give you the equivalent replacement so as
to not hinder your weight loss results.

Your purchase includes free follow-up support and guidance from our team
of Dietitians so they will always be ready and waiting to assist you with any
concerns you may have.

start the diet

Will it be difficult for me to find the ingredients for this diet?

I'm happy to inform you that all meals contain fairly normal ingredients which
would be
readily available at your local store or supermarket.

The potent weight loss meal plan is Not created by adding any rare ingredients,
rather the slimming reaction is produced by mixing precise food combinations
and ingredients which effectively cause your body to convert fat to energy.

In the unlikely scenario that you were unable to locate a certain ingredient, you
are very welcome to contact us here to tell us which ingredient you are
concerned with so we can immediately give you an equal replacement that's
easier for you to acquire.

I'm interested in your other programs also, do you offer any
discount for multiple purchases?

Yes, due to public demand we now offer discounts in checkout for those
who purchase more than one weight loss program within the same transaction.

After selecting your favorite diet plan simply proceed to checkout and you
will be presented with the opportunity to
add any second or third
program to your shopping cart for a heavily reduced price.

Do you have any concerns which you would like help with?

You are able to read the answers to all of our Frequently Asked Questions

For all Weight Loss inquiries please email our Customer Care Department

For the Postage & Payments Dept. simply email our 24/7 Help Desk

For Postage/Payments concerns we also have Live Chat available

We will show you how to include tasty foods into your diet in moderation & in accordance with some simple, healthy guidelines

tasty food

Find Out How Exciting 'Weight Loss' Really Can Be

I was always scared to diet because I never wanted to say goodbye to all the fun foods I love. To me, food is one of
the best parts of my day so I procrastinated going on a diet for years. Since I took the rapid weight loss diet I cant
believe I put it off for so long, this diet allowed me to lose weight without sacrificing lovely food.
- Sierra Johns, Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
4.3kg in 9 days

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Dieting Never Needs To Be Boring Ever Again

My friend recommended me to your website and told me that your company helped people lose weight while
directing them to eat more often than usual. I tried it out myself and am so happy that I can actually eat
regular meals every day and lose weight. It all makes perfect sense to me now, instead of eating 3 massive
meals per day I'm now eating 5 smaller plates with the right foods... I love it.
Kimberly Dawes - Fairwood, Seattle, USA
4.15kg in 10 days

experience it

Have You Considered Taking Diet Pills? If So,

FACT: Diet pills do Not assist in weight loss unless
used together with an effective diet. You can read
this same Warning on the back label of diet tablets:


"Caution: Use in conjunction with a healthy diet".
Other cautions read "Must Not be used as a diet
or "For use as a dietary supplement"

Statistics from a survey conducted on 387 random
people showed that an average of 1 in every 3
people have spent their savings on more than two
different brands of diet pills within the last year,
while less than 3.1% of those people report ever
having lost any weight from taking those pills.

FACT: Diet pills are only designed with the ability
to speed up your
natural weight loss progress,
therefore without giving your body the right
dieting foundation,
diet pills will have
absolutely Zero weight loss effect.


Recent studies from Dietitians and Medical
Analysts have reported that it is
impossible for
pills to stimulate weight loss
unless you are
already following a healthy weight loss diet.

The conclusion of all tests and studies from the
laboratory's of Medical Analysts show that
supplements and diet pills would be a complete
waste of money
unless combined with an
effective weight loss program. Due to these
study results, diet pill manufacturers are now
required by law to include the warning on the
back of their diet pill bottles "TABLETS MUST

A word from one of our DPC Dietitians: We help hundreds of people lose weight
every month and we do sometimes recommend diet pills, but strictly only once the
client is already following an effective weight loss meal plan.
Too many people
waste money on diet pills and powders
in hope to find the short-cut to weight
loss, but it simply does not work that way. There is no substitute for a healthy diet.

Research proves that diet pills are only able to reduce a small percentage of weight
in comparison to the large amount of
fat lost by eating the right foods.
E.g. If a dieter loses 5kg by combining a weight loss meal plan plus diet pills and
diet shakes, no more than 0.75kg of that weight lost could be attributed to the pills
and powders. 4.25kg of the weight lost would be due to the fat burning environment
created within the body due to the correct combination of foods he/her consumed.

Dr.Jennine Golds
Registered Dietitian
DietPlanChoices Ph.D

Few diet pill manufacturers have ever been able to show any medical evidence
supporting their weight loss claims. Furthermore, in many cases their test
statistics came back to show that people lost an equal amount of weight
when tested with a placebo replacement pill (mind over matter).

In summary, if you combine diet pills with a reliable diet/meal plan, the pills
would then have a strong foundation to take effect on, in which case you
would most likely experience a very significant level of healthy weight loss.

Are You Turned Off At The Thought Of Dieting
Because You Hate Exercise?

Running and jogging is Not the best exercise
for burning calories or reducing stomach fat.
Jogging is harmful to your joints and bones
while running places unnecessary stress
on your entire body. There are much easier,
more fun ways to lose weight.

which way to lose weight

The Rapid Weight Loss program will show
you the collection of much easier, more
pleasant ways to burn fat fast Without
straining yourself or placing yourself in a
state of discomfort. The program will
change the way you think about dieting
by showing you all the fun activities you
can do which are key to quickly and easily
burning fat from around your stomach,
legs and buttocks including the tightening
of loose skin and
elimination of cellulite.

Contrary to common dieting myths, sit-ups and crunches do Not significantly assist in
the process of burning stomach fat, rather the sole purpose of sit-ups and crunches is
to strengthen the mid-section and increase abdominal size.

Most diet plans force you to do hours of sit-ups and crunches each week in attempt to
burn calories, but that kind of direction makes it evident that the author does Not truly
understand the science behind weight loss. The Rapid Weight Loss diet reveals the
easiest and most effective activities for you to do that will allow you to
burn stomach fat more than 300% faster than sit-ups and crunches.
There are much smarter, easier ways to lose weight... All you need is the right guide.

The Rapid Weight Loss Diet Shows You The Fastest Way To Lose Weight
WITHOUT Any Physical Discomfort:

no running or jogging
no difficult exercise
no sit-ups or crunches

Without Running or Jogging

Without Sit-ups or Crunches

Without Difficult Exercises

We will reveal the Top 5 most enjoyable fat burning activities which you can do instead

good figure

When you understand the short-cuts to healthy weight loss
you will realise that its not rocket science, its just a
collection of simple guidelines for you to follow...

Other rewards you will experience with weight loss are:

You will look and feel younger

You will notice an increase in your Energy levels

You will experience improved Athletic ability

Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence will be heightened

Your life-span will be extended due to your inner health

You will sleep easier and enjoy deeper relaxation periods

Serotonin levels curb depression and promote inner peace

Prevent the possibility of cardiovascular disease, diabetes,
joint pain, back problems, hypertension, stroke, bladder
control problems, asthma and common types of cancer.

download now $39
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Do you find those results hard to believe?

Many diet companies make big promises but never deliver!
So how can you tell the difference between the real diets and the fakes?

We've Made It Easy For You To Know That This Diet Is Truly Effective.
All Claims On This Advertisement Are Supported By Our

no risk 120% money back guarantee
satisfaction guaranteed
paypal verified

If you follow the Rapid Weight Loss Diet exactly as directed and do Not lose weight by the end of Day 5
We Will Send You A Formal Apology For Wasting Your Time And Pay You 120% Of Your Money Back!!

This Guarantee became established upon receiving a strong surge of positive feedback from dieters
who tested and completed this program. If you doubt the integrity of this Guarantee please
feel welcome to contact our
Live Helpdesk and confirm it for yourself. Thank you

free bonus extras


Discover What The Celebrities Use To
Eliminate Cellulite So It Never Comes Back


We Show You The Simple Science Behind Emotional Eating So You
Stop Impulse Food Cravings and Finally Reach Your Goals


Learn The Tricks That Professionals Are Teaching
To Help People Become The Person They Really Want To Be


Get Ready To Find Out Seven Amazing Weight Loss Facts
That Will Forever
Change The Way You Think About Dieting


See How Easy It Is To Make Your Own Healthy Weight Loss Program
So You Can Lose Weight While Eating The Foods You Love
This Simple Guide Shows You Exactly How To Do It


Start Losing Weight Before You Even Read The Program.
Race Through This Powerful 20 Minute Crash Course So
You Can Start Losing Weight Immediately


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Life is so much more enjoyable as a slim person

Why would You spend another day inside
an oversized body If You knew
How To Trim Down Easily?

Right Now There Is a Much Slimmer
More Attractive You Hiding Within
Waiting To Be Revealed!

The Rapid Weight Loss program will take you by the hand & walk you through the exact steps
needed to strip your body of all it's excess fat quickly, easily & in the comfort of your own home.

Why Delay For Another Day?

You could have a new lifestyle in as little as 5 days from now !

Basic Step-by-step Directions, Simple To Follow

NO Difficult Instructions! Do It At Home

Rapid Results, Notice a Difference Within 5 Days

NO Pills and NO Medication Needed

Delicious Meals To Keep Life Interesting

NO Health Shakes or Powders Involved

Eliminates Loose Abdominal Skin & Cellulite

NO Jogging, Running Or Sit-ups Required

Contains Ingredients which Promote Self Confidence

NO Visits To The Gymnasium Necessary

Hundreds Of New Dieters Succeeding Every Week

NO Meals Dominated By Fruit or Vegetables

Your Rapid Weight Loss Is Money Back Guaranteed

NO More Hunger Pains Or Food Cravings

Lose Weight While Eating 4 Delicious Meals Every Day

PLUS Snacks

PLUS Desserts

PLUS Drinks

go for it

It certainly does require courage to have a realistic look in the mirror and make a firm commitment to improve your life... The good news is, by still reading it means that you've already taken the first big step, so congratulations on the determination you have shown to change your life for the better... You will soon see that being slim and healthy allows you to enjoy the special moments in your life so much more.

Its heartening to keep in mind that the Rapid Weight Loss Program has been designed around absolute simplicity so its very easy for you to follow. For this reason, the hardest part of losing your excess weight is right now when you decide to TAKE ACTION & begin the 5 Day Countdown...

Our dedication to your weight loss goals starts Right Here & Now! We would like to show you our commitment to your success by offering you a $119 Bonus V.I.P Updates Package, Completely FREE!

As weight loss research and medical science continues, advancements are constantly being made which reveal new facts and weight loss insight as we move into 2009 and beyond. Progress is constantly being made in effort to discover and expose the most advanced ways to make the body .....

release excess body-fat and stop it from ever coming back. The DPC Diet Research Team are constantly detecting these new weight loss discoveries and advanced dieting tricks in order to create even more effective weight loss programs in near future.

doctors dietitians

When we upgrade your order to the V.I.P Bonus Updates you will automatically receive a valuable package on the first of each month, for the next 12 months, containing all of the latest weight loss discoveries which have been compiled by the DPC Diet Research Team.

The exclusive updates you will receive are designed to hold the most advanced, ground breaking research breakthrough's before they are published on and/or sold as future innovative weight loss programs on this website.

When you become our client you receive much more than just a successful weight loss program, .....

we take pride in making you feel welcome into our growing family of successful dieters. We are proud to be supporting your new and improved lifestyle and give you all the help you need to stay in great shape.

Please Note: This offer is exclusively only available via the blue 'Buy It Now' link below. retains the right to end this offer at any time and without further notice to the public. Once this above offer is ended it will be available for purchase at the original retail price of $119. The above body of text will no longer appear after the expiry of this promotion.


Remember, after you've completed checkout we
will send you all your free bonuses to make sure
This is the last diet you will ever need to follow !!

















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