RED FLAG #1:  Cause weight loss of two pounds or more a week for a month or more without dieting or exercise.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?
No one can lose weight without limiting their food consumption and engaging
in regular exercise. Products which claim to make you lose weight without diet
or exercise are false.

Each diet program advertised on DietPlanChoices.com has been carefully designed
to help people lose weight in accordance with the above FTC facts. All meal plans
available on this website contain a healthy, balanced eating regimen which should
be followed diligently in order to lose weight. Each meal plan varies by directing
dieters to eat between 3 – 5 small, healthy meals each day as a way of speeding up
the metabolism, in order to naturally burn more calories each day.
Regular, daily exercise is also included in every program. We show people how to
replace the uncomfortable exercises -such as running and crunches- with more
pleasant, lower-impact activities such as bicycle riding, indoor aerobics and
power-walking etc.” – DietPlanChoices.com



RED FLAG #2:  Cause substantial weight loss no matter what or how much the consumer eats.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?
It is Not humanly possible to eat freely and still lose weight regardless. Retailers
who try to make this claim are obviously misleading the public. Fast-food and
other meals high in calories/fat content are the main cause for the current
obesity epidemic. A healthy diet must not allow large quantities of these foods.

Diet plans offered have a duration of 3 – 7 days. During
that time dieters are directed to eat strict quantities of pre-designed meal plans.
After the meal plan is completed we give our dieters a pattern to follow which
allows them to make an educated decision on how they can use the principles and
discipline taught in our programs to have their own freedom to design their own
meal plans once they have completed the short-term program. If a dieter chooses
to include a portion of high caloric food then they are guided with the knowledge
that they should do this in the utmost moderation and consume it in accordance to
the principles & guidelines contained within our program.” – DietPlanChoices.com



RED FLAG #3:  Cause permanent weight loss, even when the consumer ceases using the product.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?
Without making permanent adjustments to the way you eat and exercise, you
will be unable to keep hold of the weight loss progress you have made.
Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes. Don’t trust any
product that promises once-and-for-all results without ongoing maintenance.

Regardless of what weight loss product is being used, it is highly unlikely that you
could possibly maintain your weight loss progress if you stop using the product
completely and go back to your old ways. This is the same case with all diet
programs from dietplanchoices.com including all other diet products from other
sellers too. In the first pages of ALL programs sold on this website you will see a
collection of effective lifestyle changes which you will need to make that will assist
you in keeping your weight off after you’ve completed the short term diet plan.

These lifestyle changes include a set of ‘golden rules’ and important guidelines you
will need to include in your daily life which alter the way you eat, adjust the
frequency of your exercises and also adjust the way you think about food so you
know what pit-falls to watch out for. If you ignore these important guidelines and
return to your old ways then your weight and health level will most likely return to
normal as your lifestyle also returns to normal.” – DietPlanChoices.com



RED FLAG #4:  Block the absorption of fat or calories to enable consumers to lose substantial weight.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?
No fat blocker can block enough fat or calories to cause lots of weight loss. Even legitimate fat blockers must be used with a reduced-calorie diet to work. In all our research and studies we have never detected a product, pill or ingredient available for purchase over the internet which inhibits the human body from absorbing fat or calories.  Likewise, DietPlanChoices.com does Not sell or advertise any product which claims to perform these illusive benefits in any form.” – DietPlanChoices.com



RED FLAG #5:  Safely enable consumers to lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?

“All our weight loss programs are for short-term use only. As mentioned in each
advertisement, none of our programs should be followed for more than two weeks
since the meal plans have been specifically designed for short-term use only.
Furthermore, no dieter should ever expect fast weight loss for a period longer than
two weeks since it has been noted that the body will typically plateau and produce
much slower results after following the program for more than 10-14 days.

When fast weight loss is stretched over a time period longer than four
weeks it can cause serious health conditions such as gallstones and
more, so a safety claim such as this is false. If the claim also is that NO
dieting is required, the claim is false for that reason too.

After selling many programs we have received several testimonials from dieters
claiming to have lost a surprising amount of weight over a period of longer than two
weeks but we certainly do not endorse these practices or guarantee these results
for other people or encourage any of our readers to follow any of our programs for
more than a maximum of two weeks.”



RED FLAG #6:  Cause substantial weight loss for all users.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?

“Each person has a unique situation when it comes to their weight loss
potential for a variety of reasons. There is simply no single product
guaranteed to work for every person which uses it.

It is unheard of that any two people will attain the same results to eachother, or
for 100% of all dieters to gain substantial weight loss results from any one product.
As mentioned in several locations on our website, we do process refunds for people
who write to us saying they did not attain the weight loss success as advertised. We
do our best to make each person successful with their diet, but we do Not have a
100% customer satisfaction rating for our diet plans, nor does any other weight loss
organization. This is because each person will experience different results when
following any weight loss program diet due to their own personal circumstances,
such as unique genetics, metabolism, health conditions, medication, lifestyle habits
and level of dedication etc. As we have clearly displayed on our advertising pages,
the successful testimonials displayed on our website are the Best case studies we
have ever received, therefore they should only be interpreted as an indication of
what is possible when following this diet, but certainly not as a guarantee of what
each individual dieter should expect. On this note, it has not been disclosed to us
what other diet supplements, pills or other variables the authors may or may not
have been using in conjunction with our weight loss program which they were
following at the time.”
– DietPlanChoices Management



RED FLAG #7:  Cause substantial weight loss by wearing it on the body or rubbing it into the skin.

How Does DietPlanChoices.com Compare?

“We strictly do Not sell any of the following products as they have been proven to Not cause substantial
weight loss: Diet patches, topical creams and lotions, body wraps, special
clothing, rings, earrings, body belts and shoe inserts.
False advertising regarding these items are those which claim to cause
weight loss at any amount greater than a pound or more a week.

Amongst other things, DietPlanChoices.com only promotes healthy meal plans and lifestyle activity
programs which teach people how to adjust their lifestyle to naturally lose weight
without any gimmicks, gadgets, creams or chemicals”
– DietPlanChoices.com


For more information, visit the FTC’s website at www.ftc.gov. Additional information on
nutrition and weight loss is available through the National Institute of Diabetes and
Digestive and Kidney Diseases’ Weight-control Information Network (1-800-WIN-8098).


Important Notes Regarding The Nature Of DietPlanChoices.com
* We (DietPlanChoices.com) are Not scientists or involved in Medical research
* We gather existing research results and discoveries from qualified third-parties
* We do not create any of the dieting innovations within the programs.
* None of our programs are based on our own theories.
* We make bold statements about offering “the most powerful weight loss techniques” only because we have compiled the best
existing, proven methods (public domain) and then tested those facts ourselves to find
those which are most effective. After selecting the most powerful methods we then compiled them into fun, user-friendly diet, meal and lifestyle plans.