The EMERGENCY WEIGHT LOSS PLAN is a Short Term Diet Plan designed exclusively for those who need to lose up to 2KG in only 3 days, or if you have time as much as 5 HUGE KILOS In A Single Week!

Caution: It is Not advised to use this Diet Plan for longer than a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks. Undergoing excessive weight loss for periods longer than two weeks may be unhealthy and should strictly be avoided.

Although reports of losing up to 5kg within 7 days may seem far fetched, the PhD. Dietitians who designed this program have received more than a thousand inspirational Testimonials supporting these factual weight loss statistics and the success of their Emergency Weight Loss Program.

Here are just a few of the 1,200+ Testimonials that have been received from
happy customers who followed this Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan.

weight loss fast weight loss quick weight loss
weight loss fast weight loss quick weight loss

11.6KG in 22 Days

7.3KG in 9 DAYS

"I'd tried several diets before and was getting really frustrated with only losing a fraction of what they all promised me. When I saw this fast weight loss diet I hesitated because I thought "ok here we go again", but this one actually delivered the results that it said it would.
It's a great feeling to wake up every morning and feel a little lighter each day as well as notice small changes in the mirror. After 3 weeks of strict dieting I'd finally reached my goal (11kg). I'm grateful that my friend showed me this website"

   - Melrose Anders, Mermaid, QLD, Australia

"I'm impressed with the results I got from trying out this fast weight loss plan. My husband was stationed in Iraq for 8 months without any definite date to return. When he did eventually call me to say he was coming back in 5 weeks I got a shock and wanted to give him a surprise that he never expected. I'm happy I gave this diet a chance because its changed my life in a small way.
When Greg saw me he couldn't believe it. He was so proud of me because of what I was able to achieve without his help."

   - Savanah Glebe, Lismore, NSW, Australia

The dieters featured here have each been awarded $200 for allowing us to feature their testimonials. To have your Testimonial posted here simply email us at with genuine before/after weight loss photos of yourself. Your testimonial will only be accepted if you inform us of the time period between the two images including the amount of weight you lost using this exact diet plan. Offer only available to those who used this Diet. Please include your order number in your email as proof of purchase. You will be awarded $200 if we feature your testimonial. Genuine Testimonials Only!

weight loss fast weight loss quick weight loss
weight loss fast weight loss quick weight loss

14.1KG in 47 DAYS

8KG in just over 2 WEEKS

"I cant believe I allowed myself to think I was
too old to lose weight. At 48yrs I had lost hope
of ever changing my body shape because of the
stories I had heard about the slowing down of
my metabolism. Well I proved that theory wrong
when I threw myself into your weight loss diet.
To me it was an emergency because I was just
about to give up on myself. I like this diet plan
because it helped me lose the same amount of
weight in 47 days that I originally expected would
take me forever. I'm thankful to the author.

    - Maryanne Hayes, Tampa, Florida, USA

"I didn't have any upcoming emergency in my life
but I was just sick of being the fattest one in my
group. I think all my friends are beautiful and it
made me feel so uncomfortable to go out with
them and meet people. I looked around the
internet for weeks trying to find a diet plan I
could have confidence in, and then I found this.
I was skeptical at first but I was impelled to try it
when I saw the money back guarantee. I never
had to ask for my money back. I reached my
goal much quicker than I anticipated. Thanks"

       - Linda Chui, Kent, United Kingdom

Please note: The above testimonials display best case scenario results and should only be interpreted as an indication of what is possible when following this diet plan. Each person will experience a different level of success when following any fast weight loss diet plan due to their own personal circumstances, unique genetics, metabolism speed, lifestyle & level of dedication etc.

Do you find those results hard to believe?

Too many diet companies make bold promises but fail to deliver!
HOW do you know who is telling the truth?

We Have Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is By Supporting
These Genuine Claims With An Impressive 120% Money Back Guarantee

no risk 120% money back guarantee
satisfaction guaranteed

If you follow the Emergency Diet Plan exactly as directed and do Not lose weight by the end of day 3
We Will Pay You 120% Of Your Money Back!!

This is a genuine Guarantee established due to the consistent flow of positive feedback we have
received from dieters who have already completed this short program. If you have any doubts about the
integrity of this Guarantee please contact our
Live Helpdesk now to confirm it for yourself. Thank you

Do you lack motivation when you think of having to start a diet?

We understand its hard to get motivated to start dieting because of all the fears typically associated with diets.
The Emergency Diet Plan is specially designed to eliminate those fears, not only by making each meal
a pleasure to eat, but also by configuring the program so you can
Eat 3 delicious meals every day.
The best part about this program is that We walk you through each day, step-by-step so your not doing it alone.
We give you the comfort and strength you need to improve your health and vitality, one day at a time.
Finally, losing weight can be an easy experience that is fun and exciting.

Did you lose weight previously, but then the fat came right back ??

In this program you will see WHY this happens and exactly HOW TO AVOID IT from happening to you.
One reason why so many dieters only lose weight temporarily is because the program they followed had
forced them to stay hungry, which pushed their body to shed weight via unnatural methods.
Those crash diets are most commonly designed by people who either don't understand the science of
fast weight loss or just don't care for the health of others. Skipping meals and starving yourself is only a
temporary method of losing weight because
You will gain that weight back as soon as you stop the diet,
and if you Don't stop that diet
You may inflict damage to your health and cognitive mental functions.

Contrary to those amateur crash diets, this Emergency weight loss system guides you along the proven meal
plan that
allows you to eat 3 full sized meals each day while losing excess weight naturally. If you want to
experience the Fast Weight Loss effect then be diligent to stick to the meal plan exactly as written and do
not deviate. The Emergency Diet Plan was designed by experienced Dietitians who strategically inserted
certain food groups and precise meal sizes at certain times during your day and night so as to effectively

Stimulate the body to lose weight naturally...Without going hungry! By losing weight naturally and maintaining
your health you will be less prone to add the weight back,
allowing you to Keep It Off !!

120% money back guarantee
We will show you how to include tasty foods into your diet in moderation & in accordance with some simple, healthy guidelines
tasty good delicious food

Dieting Does NOT Need To Be Boring !

There are better ways to lose weight than to just eat fruit and veg all day like a rabbit !
There's literally hundreds of exotic, healthy meals that will stimulate
your body to lose weight...All you need is the right guide!


This Program Is Already Compatible To You !!

NO harsh exercises, running or sit-ups involved

NO revolting health shakes or powders

NO pills or medication used

NO going to bed hungry every night

NO skipping meals or fasting

NO starvation tactics to ruin your health & vitality

NO eating Fruit and Veg all day like a rabbit

Light physical activity plan to help tighten loose skin

Appetizing meals that you can look forward to

Simple To Follow - NO Cooking Skills Required

Super Fast Results - See Results in as little as 3 Days

1200+ Testimonials from Real People with Real Results !!

Your Success Guaranteed Otherwise Your Money Refunded

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