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Yes we certainly do have a Money Back Guarantee for all our clients. We offer a 120% Refund to anyone who follows any of our weight loss programs and fails to lose weight. We offer this guarantee with boldness due to the high success rates which our clients are experiencing.
With every proven Weight-loss Program we sell, we also give a 120% Money Back Guarantee that you will succeed. If you follow one of our simple step by step diet plans and do not lose weight, then we will refund 100% of your money PLUS another 20% on top.
There is No catch. We offer this bold guarantee with confidence, since our weight loss programs are proven to work for almost everyone who follows the simple step-by-step guide. The system is easy to follow and proven to work, therefore we experience an extremely low ‘refund request’ rate. With a 120% Money Back Guarantee, if our Diets were not successful, we would already be out of business 🙂
In the unlikely event that you did Not lose weight after following one of our proven step-by-step weight loss programs, then you are welcome to contact us using the form below to request a Refund Claim Form. Simply fill it out and send it back to us so we can process your 120% Refund. 100% of your payment will be refunded via the same method you used to pay with, then the additional 20% will be sent to you either by PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit.
As soon as your payment is complete we will email you the link where you can access your Diet Plan immediately. You will also be able to access your Free Bonus items at that same location 🙂
IF you have chosen a monthly billing program then Yes it is very easy to cancel at any time. Simply login, select ‘My Account’ then select ‘Cancel’. Your subscription will immediately be cancelled upon receiving your request 🙂
We currently accept PayPal and All major credit cards.
If you have already purchased one of our programs then you may contact our Team of Qualified Dietitians & Nutritionists here. They are ready to help you with the personal guidance and care you may need during your weight loss phase.

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Dietitians & Nutritionists

All of our weight loss programs now come with Free Advanced Support from our Professional Dietitians and Nutritionists. This is an limited, exclusive offer which enables you to gain advanced answers to your own personal weight loss questions or problems that you may be struggling with. Please note, this feature is strictly only available to clients who have purchased a weight loss program and have a valid receipt. When emailing our Dietitians and Nutritionists, please include your receipt number and date of purchase at the top of the email in order to gain access.  You may contact the Advanced Weight Loss Support Dept here.

CONTACT: dietitian

Affiliates & Partnerships Dept.

Whether you already promote a health-related business or you’re interested to generate a significant income by promoting our successful programs, then there is a great opportunity for us to work together.  We are interested in perusing all kinds of Affiliate Proposals and Joint-Venture Partnerships.

CONTACT: affiliates

Centre Management

We are constantly monitoring and improving every detail of our Organization, therefore if you have any kind of concern, complaint or suggestion about a particular aspect of our operation, performance or staff then please do not hesitate to contact the Operational Manager of  It is your suggestions which help us to continually evolve our Organization into an even greater Public Service for all types of people to benefit from. For your comfort your email will be handled anonymously and will only be replied to if you request correspondence.

CONTACT: chief

Customer Care Dept.

Our Customer Care Representatives are ready to assist you with any questions you may have about our Weight Loss Programs, Deliveries, Technical Support, Accounts or Billing.  They are happy to assist you in every way possible and will usually reply to standard emails within 12 – 24hrs.  If you have not received your reply within that time, please continue to be patient as we do often experience a high volume of inquiries.


Advertising & Marketing Dept.

Advertise with us! If you own a health-related business and are interested to expand your market exposure then contact our Advertising & Marketing Dept to discuss your proposal.

CONTACT: advertise

I.T. Department

If you would like to offer any feedback or suggestions regarding the website, design or images then please contact our I.T. Department directly. We valuable your feedback and greatly appreciate any suggestions you may like to give regarding how we can improve our online presence.

Staff Recruitment Dept.

If you hold a PhD in any health-related professional or are a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist who enjoys helping people then you are welcome to email us a digital copy of your CV and a short letter of introduction, including details about your interest in joining the DPC Team. Be sure to include as many details about yourself and why you would like to work together with the DietPlanChoices Organization in helping people improve their quality of life.  If you are the type of professional we are looking for then our Recruitment Officer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your CV. We look forward to having you join the expansion of our thriving Organization.

CONTACT: apply

DPC Legal Department

For any legal inquiries, concerns or matters, please contact our Legal Dept directly.

CONTACT: legal

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