• To help people turn their vision into a reality by showing them how to lose weight quickly and keep it off for the rest of their life.
  • To provide an exclusive collection of proven weight loss programs containing the most effective, powerful fat-loss methods, guaranteed to work!
  • To make dieting a very simple, enjoyable experience by revealing how to trim down by eating only the foods you enjoy.
  • To show our clients how to lose weight fast without the need to perform exhausting exercises.
  • To provide our clients with highly professional, personalized care and after-sales support, unparalleled by other diet companies.

Dietitians and represents a successful weight loss Organization which has enjoyed helping people lose weight quickly, easily and safely since 1993.  Our Organization helps people lose weight effectively by delivering clear weight loss guidance and direction. All our programs are the end result of hard-earned success which came from decades of research, trials and errors by Medical Health Professionals including Doctors, Registered Dietitians and Skilled Nutritionists. We then compiled the most powerful weight loss facts, summarized them, simplified them into a step-by-step process and then optimized and refined them so they can be understood and followed by anyone, regardless of their education or background.

All Dietitians and Nutritionists who contributed to forming our products share a genuine interest in mastering the art of fast, healthy weight loss.  It is our passion to help people attain optimal physical and mental health so they can become the best person they can be in life, and in love.

When people deal with us they receive much more than just a weight loss program. They also receive our efforts toward their success, by means of our follow-up support and guidance. We gain the greatest pleasure in seeing people benefit from our Diet Plans as they shed all of their excess weight and regain their self-confidence, which generates a positive chain reaction across all other aspects of their performance in life.

Weight Loss Is Our Obsession

Founded on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia, ‘Diet Plan Choices’ has experienced an impressive surge of growth since its first public launch. We attribute the success of our thriving organization to the fact that we love what we do.

Each member in our organization chose this profession due to being fascinated with the opportunity to help people. We enjoy the deep feeling of satisfaction when we help people improve their life by losing weight. Our organization first started to form in 1993 and since then our collective wealth and experience has grown exponentially as we delved deeper into our obsession with the art of fast, effortless weight loss.

Gold Coast Australia

We eventually formalized the online version of our weight loss organization in 2006 by establishing this professional website and branding it with the fitting title ‘DIET PLAN CHOICES’, symbolizing the exclusive variety of effective weight loss short-cuts which our team created. Since inception, DietPlanChoices has experienced growth and expansion, built on the back of encouraging feedback from all those who have experience health benefits from following our advice.

‘Diet Plan Choices’ has now grown to an organization consisting of 14 Departments, namely:

  • Customer Care Department
  • After-sales Support Department
  • Live Help-desk
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Weight Loss Research Team
  • Technical / I.T. Department
  • Accounts & Billing Dept
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Affiliates & Partnerships Dept
  • Staff Recruitment Division
  • Downloads & Delivery Dept
  • Resolution Centre
  • Legal Department
  • Centre Management

All 14 departments are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life by losing weight, while enjoying the process at the same time.

Repaying The Kindness & Loyalty Shown To Us

Due to the fact that we have remained a relatively small, compact organization, we are able to service each client with the personal approach. We have found that large diet companies lose the important ‘personal touch’ with their clients as their business grows to the corporate level, causing them to lose that friendly relationship with their clients which made them successful in the beginning. Putting it simply, we like the idea of giving a small amount of clients a high-class service, rather than give an enormous amount of clients a low-class service.

Using past experiences and hindsight to our advantage, we control this issue of growing-pains by expanding very slowly and selecting only a limited number of select affiliates so that we retain our focus on quality, not quantity. This approach ultimately affords us the personal touch with our clients which larger diet companies are unable to give.

The precious quality of FOCUS is also the reason why we have limited our variety of Weight Loss Programs to only the Top 10, rather than to stretch ourselves out ‘too thin’ (pun intended). With the thousands of so called ‘miracle diets’ out on the market, we have taken pleasure in offering only a very carefully selected group of weight loss programs as proven by our Focus Group of in-house Diet Analysts. By focusing strictly on quality as opposed to quantity, our clients can have the peace of mind that their Weight Loss Program is highly esteemed, coming from our heart, mind and soul.

As our Weight Loss Research Team detects and collects newly advanced and innovative weight loss discoveries, – instead of using them to create more Diet Plans- we opt to merge those findings into our existing programs so as to make them progressively more and more powerful, which ultimately provides much more value for our clients.

Authentic Australian Weight Loss Programs

Biggest Loser Weight LossHome of the world-wide popular Weight-loss TV Show ‘The Biggest Loser’ we hold a unique appeal to our audiences. Our authentic Australian Weight Loss programs give people a fresh new lease on life compared to all the other usual crash diets they have already seen.

The common thread in all of our weight loss diet plans is that they each contain mostly the same type of traditional Australian weight loss principles which helped hundreds of overweight men and woman shed their pounds in-front of the entire world, on the hit TV series ‘The Biggest Loser’.  Although the powerful fat-loss methods promoted by Biggest Loser are the same which are making our Diet Plans so popular, our Diet Plans have two great advantages over the Biggest Loser Diet, namely:

  • You are NOT restricted to eating only specific ingredients or boring meals, and
  • You are Not required to exert yourself with vigorous and exhaustive exercise routines.

Rapid Weight LossOur weight loss programs show you the simple science as to why exhaustive exercise is totally unnecessary, and we give you the key guidelines to designing your own meals so you can enjoy eating and lose weight at the same time…two facts which are rarely ever promoted by other Dietitians or Nutritionists and definitely Not allowed when following the Biggest Loser diet regimen.

We offer unique, original and traditional Australian weight loss methods… “Made In Australia & Emailed World-Wide.” Our customers do Not need to worry about the availability of ingredients in their area as our fat loss programs require only ordinary ingredients that anyone can buy in their local store, regardless of what country they live in. It is not the ingredients our clients eat which causes them to lose weight, rather, it is the strategic combinations in which they eat them, together with some other powerful diet principles which stimulates the fat-burning effect.

weight loss successOur proprietary combinations of unique weight loss strategies blended with appetizing meal plan examples give us an advantage over other diet companies who typically just recycle the old and mundane methods over and over again. We help people lose weight using super-fast weight loss methods which Australian Diet creators (such as The Biggest Loser) use as fundamental cornerstones to quick and safe, healthy weight loss.

Giving People The SHORT-CUT To Fat-loss SUCCESS

Weight Loss Short CutsWe specialize in helping those who are frustrated with their weight and need to find the quickest solution to becoming happy inside their body once again. These are usually the same people who are tired of all the dieting myths, gimmicks, pills and diet-failures they’ve had in the past. We love helping people who need someone to show them the short-cut through all the mess and myths, so they can get back to enjoying their life as quickly as possible, without having to read a big book about dieting.

We enjoy sharing our insightful diet knowledge and experience with people in this situation because weight loss is our passion, so it truly is an amazing feeling for us to see others benefit from all our hard work. There is nothing more satisfying for us than helping people during their time of need, then later seeing their before/after photos and reading their emails about the powerful effect our Diet Plan had on their life. It is certainly a rewarding feeling to help people finally reclaim their enthusiasm for life, just when they were about to lose hope.

We have designed our programs in such a way that we virtually take people by the hand and walk them through the small steps they need to take, guiding them step-by-step from start to finish. It’s our priority to make sure each person in our care has the best guidance they need so they can avoid all the dieting pit-falls.  This is especially important to us since there are many mistakes which can be made in a persons diet which can render all their hard work useless without them even realizing it. Literally millions of dieters each year waste hard work and energy calorie counting and exercising without losing weight, all because of making some classic diet errors which caused their weight loss progress to plateau or even go backwards, without them even understanding what they are doing wrong.  This is yet another benefit to dealing with us, since we shine a light on their path, showing them in a simple summarized list what they do and do Not need to bother themselves with while dieting.  Fortunately for our dieters, they do Not need to worry about exercise, calorie counting, pills, shakes or meal skipping.

We understand how much courage it takes for someone to tell themselves that they are going to change their life for the better, so we feel it’s absolutely necessary for us to ensure that each of our clients are well cared for during this highly pivotal moment in their life.


We care for our clients needs by providing the following comforts:

Exercising on the beach as a slim person1) Our Enthusiastic Client-Care Team.

2) Clear and ‘To-The-Point- Step-by-step Weight Loss Guides.

3) Our Caring After-Sales ‘Live-Support’ Team.

4) Our extensive Knowledge-base which continues to grow with professional answers to every FAQ that like-minded Dieters tend to ask.

5) Our Skilled Dietitians & Nutritionists who are ready to help with answers to advanced weight loss questions.

6) The range of Free Gifts and Bonuses we like to surprise our Clients with from time to time.

7) Our constantly evolving, user-friendly Weight Loss methods which we continue to improve, refine and further summarize on an ongoing basis.

By offering all these value-added extras we are able to show genuine interest in our clients by listening to them, understanding their unique concerns and helping them to finally achieve weight loss success, once and for all.

Decades of Research, Analysis, Testing, Trials & Errors

weight loss diet pills

Dedicated Dietitians & Nutritionists have combined their decades of collective weight loss knowledge and insight in order for us to present you with a range of the World’s most exciting and effective, short-cut Diet Plans available on the internet today.

Our Diet Plans are the end result of investing many years of enthusiastic research; with the aim of identifying and collecting the most reputable, existing weight loss methods known to mankind (third-party clinical trials turned public domain). The advanced weight loss tips and tricks used in each weight loss program provided by has been discovered by Healthcare Professionals, such as Doctors, Ph.D Dietitians or highly skilled Nutritionists.  The information is then extracted, tried and tested, summarized and then compiled by our Weight Loss Research Team.

Our Team has invested more than a decade physically testing each weight loss method themselves in order to assess and confirm the efficiency, so as to compile a Master-list of what we proudly treasure as possibly the most powerful and fast-acting weight loss methods in existence today.

The collection of powerful fat-loss methods and proprietary weight loss tactics were then strategically combined and distributed into our weighWeight Loss Researcht loss programs in such a way that allowed each method to work in harmony together, which result in a fat-metabolizing stimulation within the body when followed exactly as directed. To describe the reaction in basic terminology, a combination of simple adjustments are made to the persons diet which stimulate the human body to switch into ‘fat-burning mode’ ultimately converting excessive fat- storage into energy. These changes provide a list of great benefits for the dieter, including more energy, rapid weight loss and an all-round more positive view on life.  Our dieters experience significant weight loss within a short period of time, without placing any risk or harm on the dieters body and without breaking any health regulations at all.

We are able to make these bold statements because we are not marketing our own diet theories or ideas that we have formed by ourselves, rather we have only compiled the very best proven methods, reports & research results which have already been discovered by highly reputable 3rd party Medical Health Professionals. We then take our collection of the most powerful fat-loss tips and combine them into strategic yet fun and enjoyable, step-by-step user-friendly guides. We then add additional value by bundling all the above assetts up with everything up with our proprietary package of valuable support and follow-up bonuses, such as free access to our Customer-care Support Professionals, Dietitians and Nutritionists. With everything combined, we empower people to lose weight easily in the comfort of their own home.

By conducting in-depth research and testing in order to collect the most effective weight loss methods we have effectively saved people from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ by trying to work out the weight loss process for themselves. There are so many diet plans available on the market today that it’s an issue of information-overload. One diet plan contradicts the next and most propose different weight loss methods compared to the previous. For this reason, it is ultimately the dieter who suffers due to being overloaded with information and therefore being lost as to which diet plan they should follow. People who want to lose weight and seeking direction are surrounded by so many diet books and fat-loss myths, debates, gimmicks, weight loss gadgets and weight loss scams that they feel lost without direction.

Well the good news is that we cut thru all that rubbish and keep it real. We simplify the weight loss process for people by making it as easy and effortless as possible, by guiding them thru all the noise and showing them the short-cut to weight loss success.

As former dieters we truly understand how terrible it feels to be ‘weighed down’ and lost without direction, so we care to help people avoid having to spend weeks searching the internet, bouncing back and forward off the thousands of so called ‘amazing’ diet plans, shakes and pills, only to be left in a world of disappointment. For this reason we have already done all that hard work for them, so they can spend less time reading and learning, and more time getting back to the more important things in life that they need to do.  We have already done all the research ourselves and come out the other side, so now we provide people with the bottom-line facts, the very best and fastest weight loss methods that were previously hidden like needles in haystacks.

When clients deal with us, they quickly receivquick weight losse the absolute simplest step-by-step directions to losing weight as quickly as possible, without being bothered with annoying calorie counting, conversion charts or diagrams.

All the direction, tips and tricks people need to lose weight are neatly displayed for our clients in a very user-friendly fashion. In the event that our clients have questions they need answered regarding their diet phase, we provide multiple different levels of support and follow-up guidance, including experienced Dietitians and Nutritionists who are ready to help.


We like to update, refine and further simplify our weight loss process for our clients as much as possible, making each program progressively more potent. This includes our ongoing search to find the best weight loss diet medications for those who are searching for the added boost in their weight loss phase.

The heart of our successful Diet Plans does not involve having to take any diet supplements or weight loss medication, weight loss diet pillsbut we do still keep this available for those who are actively searching for it, so as not to alienate any of our viewers. For this reason we do also provide a service which informs people about which pills and shakes are useful, versus those which are useless and harmful, nothing more than marketing ploys.

The Diet Plan Choices Weight Loss Research Team investigate the best and most popular weight loss pills that hit the market, so as to determine whether their claims are factual or just another scam. When our clients would like to harness the latest in fast weight loss supplements by leveraging powerfully effective diet pills or dietary supplements, they can easily locate a variety of the best available in any of our weight loss diet plans.

Improving The Lives Of Many

healthy eatingWe feel the only reason that we have been able to teach people the pleasurable aspects behind losing weight is because we truly enjoy it ourselves. We are very grateful to have had the pleasure of already helping so many people lose weight and have fun in the process, by not having to twist and contort their life around to suit the diet. Our Motto is: “Don’t twist your life around trying to suit your diet…Find a Diet that already suits You!”  We are proud to have established a business which gives our clients the direction, comfort and strength they need to improve their health, vitality and quality of life, all at the same time.

We have received positive feedback from customers giving credit to how simple our weight loss guidance is and how much it has helped them. We take pleasure in showing people how to trim down while still being able to enjoy their favourite foods, in moderation and with careful monitoring.

We are happy to have enjoyed the role in helping people improve their life in so many ways, including improved vitality & self-confidence, enhanced athletic ability, younger appearance and by showing them how easy weight loss can be when it involves the freedom to enjoy meals, as opposed to having to munch on boring, mundane ingredients as if they were a rabbit, such as what other diet plans obligate them to do.

Diet Plan Choices prides themselves by helping their clients in SEVEN major ways:

Fat loss without diet pills1) Simplicity and user-friendliness of the diet plan, enabling it to be easily followed long-term.

2) Ability to lose weight fast without the need for strenuous exercises.

3) Freedom to eat whatever you want, within certain/obvious limitations.

4) Ability to lose weight by eating more often instead of less often.

5) Successfully keeping the weight off after losing it, by sticking to just a few basic diet guidelines.

6) By providing our clients with effective weight loss programs which do NOT require diet pills or shakes.

7) By making our Diet Plans as easy as possible to follow, such as by involving No calorie counting, charts or diagrams etc.

We Work Hard For Your Weight-loss Success

Since DietPlanChoices first started assisting the public we have taken great delight in hearing from people and reading their feedback regarding how our efforts have helped them so much by improving their quality of life. It is surely a pleasure to read these reports because it empowers us to keep serving those who desperately need help with losing weight. We are proud to be continually helping people exceed their weight loss expectations by losing between 1.5lbs to 3lbs per week, until they reached their optimal weight level.

We are also very proud to receive an almost non-existent refund claim rate, as this gives testament to the efficiency and helMoney Back Guaranteepfulness of our diet plans.  We trust that this success rate is also a result of us putting our hearts into helping people lose weight, as opposed to the masses of diet plan sellers whose business models basically revolve around taking people’s money and ignoring them.  We are so happy to compare our success-rate of almost 100%, considering the usual statistics which show that even the largest Diet Companies in the world only average a 84% – 92% customer satisfaction rating.

An even greater benefit to the person whose quality of life is improved from dealing with us, is the fact that it has a positive chain reaction which also improves the lives of those who associate with them. This is caused by the well-known ‘ripple-effect’ which is generated by a person who displays a happy, vibrant personality.

As humans we are all subconsciously sensitive to the emotions of others, whether we realize it or not. A genuine smile and positive attitude toward life is definitely contagious and almost always has a positive effect on those around you.

Typically, as the dieter achieves success, they generally becoming much happier people, causing them to interact with their family and friends with a much more positive disposition, which causes the people surrounding them to be happier also.


Dietitian NutritionistA Message From Our Leading Dietitian:
“If you are tired of all the dieting nonsense and you just want to find the easiest
way to lose weight fast, then please give us the opportunity to walk you through
one of our proven step-by-step diet plans so you can experience our simple
weight loss process for yourself.  We are looking forward to serving you”

“We would also like to thank all of our existing customers for your kind support and
positive emails which have strengthened us to become the organization we are today.”

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