Weight Loss for Every Type of Person

No matter what type of lifestyle you live,
we have the perfect Weight Loss Diet Plan For You.



The Rapid Weight Loss Diet has proved to be very successful and increasingly popular. Those who follow it lose between 2 – 4 lbs per week until they reach their ideal body-weight.

This program is perfect for adult woman who require a simple yet effective way to achieve & maintain her ideal body-weight without having to follow a strict diet regimen.



The Emergency Diet Plan is a safe but very powerful regimen designed by Dietitians for critically overweight patients in urgent need to lose large amounts of excess weight as quickly as possible.

You will learn the very quick short-term methods to safely drop weight without damaging your health. Those who follow this program can expect to lose between 3 to 7 lbs within the first week.


Weight Loss for MEN

Strictly configured for adult males only, due to testosterone boosting food groups and activities. Usual diets cause weight loss from fat AND precious muscle loss, however this program enables fast weight loss purely from excess fat around the abdominal area.  Designed by Male Dietitians & Fitness Instructors, it is masterfully engineered with specific meal combinations & strategic timing, causing the preservation of existing muscle mass and fatty-cell reduction, resulting in the abdominal area being presented with high quality muscular definition.



You’ve heard about all the benefits of eating Vegetarian food, well now you can see how to leverage those healthy benefits while burning excess body-fat at the same time.  Completely replenish your system and lose weight, while enjoying the most nourishing foods nature has to offer. You don’t need to be a Vegetarian to follow this weight loss program. You only need to be someone who wants to leverage the power of nature to achieve your ideal body-weight, and maintain it effortlessly.



The Lemonade Detox Diet (AKA The Master Cleanser) is a medically proven Detox Diet Program that reveals how the power of nature can reduce your fat levels, cleanse your system and completely rejuvenate your body.

We provide the step-by-step guide that simplifies the complete process for you. This popular Detox Diet has gained world-wide approval and recognition, supported by 100,000+ testimonials.


The VEGAN Diet

The Vegan Diet was created by Vegan Dietitians, for Vegan Dieters. This tailored Meal Plan strictly contains No dairy, No meat & No egg contents.

Although this specialized weight loss program results in healthy fat-loss, it’s also a ‘Lifestyle Diet’, meaning it can easily be followed for the long term as a way to keep meals exciting, while maintaining a clear mind and a very healthy body, inside and out.

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Each member in our organization chose this profession due to being fascinated with the opportunity to help people. We enjoy the deep feeling of satisfaction when we help people improve their life by losing weight. Our organization first started to form in 1993 and since then our collective wealth and experience has grown exponentially as we delved deeper into our obsession with the art of fast, effortless weight loss. Read More